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 Welcome to Mü, your specialist for coin operated timer,
                             coin validator, money canger, token and many more!

list money changer

list money changer

Geldwechsler Arcade 5000

money changer Arcada 5000/5100

The Arcade 5000 / 5100 money changer is a reliable and efficient solution to change banknotes or coins into 1 oder 2 denominations. Standard equipped with a wall mounting
bracket, this changer is compact to fit most locations. The "Arcade Changer MK2" has a solid housing and has a 3-point locking system

This money-changer combines the beauty of flexibility and security at a very reasonable price. Customers can choose from a trilogy note reader from Pyramid Technologies or an electronic coin acceptor from Comestero. The major flexibility is underlined by the coin payout.

Specifications: Dimensions: Height: 815m, Width: 225m, Depth: 275m
Capacity: approx. 750-1000 coins,  Weight: approx. 30kg.


Geldwechsler IHGE GW 1

money changer IHGE GW 1


Geldwechsler Beckmann EMS 520

change machine Beckmann EMS 520

 The change machines of the  series EMS 500  provide for suitable means of payment, wherever needed. Unique, simply and comfortably .

In the tanning saloon, the gambling hall, in sport areas, the washing saloon and everywhere devices are operated by coins, chips or pin-cards. Your customers have their coins needed or the pin card re-loaded to hand - immediately and securely provided by the EMS 500 change machines

Bank note acceptor for four bank notes of different value. One coin dispenser for 1 type of coins or chips. (Capacity depends on size and diameter of the coins, e.g. 1 Euro approx. 1800 pieces.)