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 Thorsten Beier,
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 Welcome to Münzer24.de, your specialist for coin operated timer,
                             coin validator, money canger, token and many more!

We will show you technical solutions for the electronic time sales of saunas, showers, tanning beds, washing machines and more, which help you to an accurate control and account.

We would like to give you a short extract from our programm from manufacturers as Beckmann, Holtkamp, IHGE, Itterman, NZR, MAG, etc, with difference coin boxes: with electronical coin checker,  adjustable pre- and after-run time, adjustable minimum- and maximum-tim, mechanical coin validator , electronic counter for operating time, customer, cashier, unlock door for washing machines,...

Wherever you want to operate devices with coins or chips, trust on the usual reliability of the products offerer by Münzer24.de. Feel free to contact us by e-mail, fax or telephone for more detailed information. For example, we remommend the folling coin boxes.

coin operated timer Beckmann EMS 56 / 57

coin box EMS 56/57

Every performance and service available can be time-controlled by coin oder chip with the EMS 56 or EMS 57. A classic design - a classical variety in different fields of application. E.g. washing salons, in the field of fitness, wellness, shower, sauna, internet cafe ,...

mechanical coin validator for international coins or token coins, Display for one digit coins or for remaining time, time select 1 - 320 minutes per coin, return of counterfeit money, mechanical coin counter, unlock door for washing machines  optionally, technical date 230 volt, 16A/AC1, measurements (wxHxD) 160 x 260 x 110mm,

coin operated timer IHGE MP 1500

coin box IHGe MP 1500

The perfectly fitted, elegant coin operated timer bp500 for high demand is suitable extremely well for the application in washing machines, sauna, dryer and showers. The coin box is simple in handling, easy to use and with the know well longelife quality

selflearnig electronic coin validator for 5 different coins or token. Display with three digit remaining time, seperate coin box,   time select 1 - 99 minutes per coin, 999 minutes max time, return of counterfeit money, technical date 230 volt, 16A/AC1
measurements (wxHxD) 275 x 184 x 155, massive 3mm sheet steel housing with security look,..


coin operated timer NZR ZMZ 0215

coin operated timer MAG EZ 73

The prepayment meter can be set by the customer. The release time and number of coins can be set. After insertion of a coin the released time will be shown in the display. The main relay switches on at the same time. The time will be reduced in steps of seconds. The time will be increased if additional coins are placed into the slot.

meters based on coinbs controled by micro processor , aAccurate coin tester with wire and thread barrier,  false money return, 2-line LC display for the listing of the remaining time,  easy connection via 5 pole plug connection,  pulver coated high graded steel cabinet, with cylinder safety lock, also surface mounted version

coin operated timer Holtkamp Maxi 3300

coin operated Holtkamp Maxi 3300

coin validator / coin operated timer for tanning beds, lighting or washing machines,... with electronic multi coin tester oder mechanical coin tester

With potential free relay contacts, 110% Security shut-off, Main time per payment from 1 to 999 minutes, LED indication 3-digits in real time Display for minutes or hours an minutes, programming with master Card, electronic token counter and operating / service hours counter, dimensions : hight 225mm, wide 170 mm, deep 135 mm,switches power : 230 volt, 3,3 VA, 6A / AC1